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Five reasons to visit 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen

The Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen is famous for the all the tourism that arrives to this destination. This is an avenue full of hotels, restaurants, shops and street shows where you will never get bored. We give you a list with the top five activities that you can do in the Fifth Avenue at Playa del Carmen.

If you like shopping and you are looking for souvenirs and gifts from Mexico, the Fifth Avenue is the place where you will find everything! It is like a big mall full of restaurants, clothing shops and handmade crafts shops, cafeterias and bars. Along the Avenue you can find a variety of local and famous shops. Undoubtedly it’s the best place for a shopping day.


Restaurants, cafeterias and bars. Mexican gastronomy is very wide and you can’t leave Mexico without tasting the typical food. In addition, you will find many different restaurants along the Fifth Avenue with international dishes, like italian or french food. Everyday you will find offers in bars to enjoy tipical mexican shots, drinks and beers. If you want to taste the best cochinita pibil (tipical dish from Yucatan), you have to go to Cochiloca, in Fifth with 10th Avenue.


Nightclubs: CocoBongo, Vaquita, Mandala, among others, are famous night clubs. If you like to enjoy the best discos at night, go to Fifth with 12th Avenue, a little street full of discos and night shows. An experience that you will never forget when you visit Riviera Maya!


Parque Fundadores is a place to relax just watching how the local people and tourists live. Probably you will find some street shows where you can learn about mayan culture, like the Papantla’s flightmen. Actually this is a religious ritual in which four dancer men descend head down and circling a pole more tan 20 meters high to the rhythm of a flute and a drum. Each one of them must make 13 turns, one for each of the skies of the sun god. If you multiply this by the four dancers, the result is 52 (the number of the years of the indigenous cycle calendar).


You can find many Street shows along the Fifth Avenue, like Mariachis playing music, Eagle Warriors and other representations of the Mayan culture, so you can enjoy and learn about the Mayan traditions. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a photo with some of the characterizations you will find in the amazing Fitfh Avenue!





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