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9 unforgettable tours to do near Playa del Carmen

Welcome to Playa del Carmen, the perfect place to visit everything in Quintana Roo! There are many possibilities of things to do during your vacation if you have decided to visit Riviera Maya but you dont want to spend the whole day in an All-Inclusive hotel.

Do you want to go to the most popular archaeological sites of the area?

Chichén Itzá

Is a must to do. You can’t return to your home if you didn’t visited Chichén during your holiday in Riviera Maya. It was one of the biggest Mayan cities. There, you can watch the observatory and the ball game, and swim in the sacred cenote, Ik Kil.



Also you must to visit Tulum, not only for the ruins, but also for the beach (which is completely magical). It is called “Paradise Beach” and it is located between the ruins and the Caribbean sea, so you can just arrive from the ruins and enjoy the soft sand of this magnificent place.



Coba is another archaeological site, lost in the middle of the jungle. Take a breath at the top of the pyramid and relax watching the endemic atmosphere.



If you are looking for tours in the Colonial cities, you have to visit these two places: Mérida and Valladolid. Both of them are in Yucatan, but close to Playa del Carmen. What makes this cities special places, is the fact that you can appreciate ancient, emblematic and colorful buildings. In addition, you will taste the traditional dishes and enjoy a walk in these places.


At last but not least, you have many natural places.


The Seven Color Lagoon is one of the most beautiful places in Quintana Roo. Near to Chetumal (the capital of the state). It’s the perfect place to spend a whole day or a weekend. We are sure that you would like to come back.



Is a big island in front of Playa del Carmen. You can practice snorkeling or diving in the Second Largest Reef in the world. What are you waiting for to enjoy this unique experience?



Is a little island in the north of the state. You have to arrive to Chiquilá and take a boat to arrive to Holbox. Relax is the word that describes better how you will feel! And if you like adventure, you can take a tour to see whale sharks.


Las Coloradas

In the north of Yucatan state and close to Holbox. This is a place where you can contemplate a lagoon where the water has a pink color and you will appreciate also hundreds of flamingos.


Now you can see that there are more things to do in Riviera Maya than just going to the beach. We want you to enjoy different experiences that will create unforgettable memories in your special vacation!



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