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5 Places to Visit in Playa del Carmen

Canibal Royal

Definitely one of the best ranked places by everyone in Playa del Carmen. Both national and international tourists visit this Beach Club for their prompt attention, quality service and a perfect viewpoint form which it will be difficult for you to not appreciate. As they are described, it may be the only Beach Club in Playa del Carmen with a concept to offer. Located next to the Hotel Reef Coco Beach and with 3 floors of infrastructure, Canibal Royal has become one of the favorite places for all the visitors who travel to Playa del Carmen.

It is also perfect to meet with your friends to eat, among the dishes to recommend, there are delicious Rock Shrimps, the Octopus Toasts and their personalized ceviches.


2. Mamita´s Beach Club

We couldn't not to place Mamita's Beach Club in this list, a brand that was born with the destination and positioned itself as the flag brand of Playa del Carmen. Scenario of several international and national events and performances of famous artists over the years, being currently the chosen place to celebrate every year the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival.

Althought many people think that the best times of Mamita's Beach Club have gone, you can't deny the influence that still has on local people as in the visitors of Playa del Carmen, and that every weekend you can see at the beach that it is still a very crowded place for people to appreciate the sea with a few beats in the background.


3. Mandala

From the family of Mandala Group, this is the most representative brand "Mandala" in Playa del Carmen, the best place to have a party and some drinks with friends. Since its opening some years ago, Mandala positioned as one of the best nightclubs in Playa del Carmen, recognized as a national brand and the success it has achieved in other destinations as Cancun and Cabo. However, this year with the closure of two important nightclubs in Playa, Mandala has become more relevant and it is now the number one choice to dance and enjoy a real experience.


4. Índigo Beach Club

You're in a world class beach destination, surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean sea and there's nothing better in the world than to begin your day having breakfast with that landscape.

Indigo Beach club is the place recommended in this blog where you could live that fantasy. This is the favorite place of the people of Playa del Carmen to begin their day with the best possible vibe at the sea.

With an elaborated menu based on the mexican cuisine, Indigo has no competition in terms of being the place chosen by people to enjoy a good breakfast.


5. Chez Celine

Located at the 5th Avenue, Chez Celine stands out above other pastry and dessert places, this because of its characteristic smell of fresh baked bread that you can feel in that part of 5th Avenue and attracts dozens of people to its establishment, inviting them to feel in a piece of France.

Respecting the French tradition and mantaining the essence of the Provenza region, at the south of France, Chez Celine invites all those who want to taste a good mexican coffee or a perfect dessert. If you're a lover of French pastries or just want to watch the sunset on the pleasant 5th Avenue, this is your place!




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