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Welcome to our official website. Magic Blue is a charming boutique hotel located in one of the best spots in Playa del Carmen. We are at a few steps from La Quinta Avenida and the best restaurants and attractions of the city.
Take a look at our rooms, facilities and services, carefully selected to offer a unique and relaxing experience to our guests.

hotel Mágic Blue playa del Carmen


Our Experience over come from customize attention and an atmosphere of comfort to suit every lifestyle of our exclusive guests.

hotel Mágic Blue playa del Carmen


The quaint charm of Playa del Carmen and the sublime mixture of Magic Blue will make your vacation an unforgettable experience

hotel Mágic Blue playa del Carmen


Get away from the routine, exceed your expectations and enjoy Playa del Carmen!


° Reserve 3 nights (or more) at Magic Blue and get 1 FREE Entrance to Cocobongo. Save up to $65usd!!!!
° Breakfast buffet included as well as Open Bar & Live Show at Cocobongo


hotel playa del Carmen


The Caribbean ocean is a high pressure and with a tendency to develop tropical storms and hurricanes between the months of June through November. These phenomena are identified by names assigned in alphabetical order.

The city of Cancun and its Government are aware of this phenomenon and have established contingency plans for our safety.

Hurricanes are caused by weather depressions and provoke strong wind that might go from 45 mph to 480 mph, creating, in some cases, giant waves along the shore. In case of hurricane alarm, evacuation of Hotels will start immediately under the supervision of the Civil Protection Agency. You will be conducted to an assigned shelter set up for these emergencies.

When the eye of the hurricane passes over the affected region, a surprising calm and silence will occur. This stage will take undetermined time. After the eye of the hurricane passes your area, winds will again increase in speed until they reach the original strength, only this time blowing in the opposite direction.

The hotel management will keep you posted and updated on the developments and situations of the emergency status. They will also provide you with the necessary information and instructions to follow in case the evacuation becomes imperative. In this case, you observe the following:

Use only water provided by the Hotel. This will eliminate the risk of water contamination after the hurricane.

Do not use land or sea transportation, unless instructed to do so. Stay inside your shelter until notified.

Do not panic in an emergency. ¡Panic is your worst enemy!

Politica de Privacidad

Cancelation Policies

Payment Policies

Note: Dear costumer, We inform you that at the end of your reservation process the 50% of the total amount will be charged to your credit card. The remaining balance will be charged at the time of check-in.
  • Reservations for 1 night stay or during the winter holidays period like Christmas and New Years will be charged 100% of the reservation.